Multi Operator Control Room Furniture

Multi Operator Multi Monitor Control Room Furniture

  • Name: Large Modular Security Control Pod Console
  • SKU 772077

Real-time monitoring of events happening in all areas in your large facility is very important to reduce the risk of property loss and to immediately respond to emergencies.

This large Multi Operator Control Room Console with multi-monitor display is the best solution for large area real-time security monitoring and process control. It's capable of mounting several monitor displays and provides invidual workstations for multiple operators.

An ergonomic Multi Operator Control Room Furniture that has a modular design that makes working more comfortable. It's pre-designed to scale should you require to expand; it can accommodate more control and command center operators.

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Multi Operator Control Room Technical Furniture

  • Large modular control pod workstation
  • Workstation built to provide security monitoring and surveillance functionality for any work environments
  • Can be modified

Multi User Control Room Furniture