Wall Mounted Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Tray

Ergonomic Keyboard and Mouse Tray

  • Name: AFC Plastic Keyboard Tray
  • WM-TR
  • SKU 772463

A top quality premium solid molded polymer anti-slip plastic ergonomic computer keyboard tray with sliding mouse tray that can accommodate all sizes of computer keyboards. Its ergonomic design provides comfortable use as it has good space for the user's hands to lean upon.

An ergonomic keyboard tray will help reduce computer user's stress when operating the computer. This plastic computer keyboard tray has enough wide dimensions for the user to be able to place his hands comfortably while using the keyboard.


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Hard Plastic Keyboard and Mouse Tray

  • Design for space saving office environments
  • Wall mounted function
  • Retractable plastic keyboard tray
  • Attached sliding mouse plate for left or right handed users
  • Made from light weight plastic material



Wall Mounted Plastic Keyboard Tray with Sliding Mouse Tray