Two Level Uplift Standing Desk

Bi-Level Electric Uplift Surface Desk

  • Name: Dual Tier
  • DT6036
  • SKU 771657-gl

This premium top class two level uplift standing desk comes with independent uplift for both desktops and three monitor arms, Built with cutting edge and ergonomic design.

The dual-tier workstations integrate functionality and aesthetics in its design elements. With bi-level work surfaces that are both independently height adjustable, driven with electric powered legs. At a push of a button, the height settings can be configured to suit the user's preference. AFC manufactures pieces of furniture and equipment that exceed the standards when it comes to practicality, ergonomic design and elegant craftsmanship

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Bi-Level Desktop Surface Desk

  • Two, 60 inch wide soft ergonomic work surfaces, are independently, electronically height adjustable, 28 inch to 47 inch from the floor
  • Each work surface is 16 inch deep
  • Both surfaces are finished with bumper molding
  • A 16 inch deep bottom shelf is ideal for the CPU unit to keep the work areas clear and open
  • Popular black color (others also available)
  • Four, 4 inch casters, (the front two are locking)