Two-Level L-shaped Sit Stand Desk

L-Shaped Corner Height Adjustable Sit Stand Computer Desk

  • Name: Dual Tier
  • DTC7272
  • SKU 772197-gl

Built with cutting edge ergonomic design, a dual monitor mount, bottom shelf and caster wheels, this electronic adjustable premium high end two-level L-shaped sit-stand desk comes with independent height adjustment for both tiers.

Dual Tier is an L-shaped corner height adjustable sit-stand computer desk with an independent electronic height adjustment of both tiers. Available in natural pear and six other colors, durable, elegant, perfect fit for corners because of its L-shaped design.

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Corner L Shaped Sit Stand Desk

  • Independent electronic height adjustment of both tiers
  • Corner work surface shape
  • Full bottom shelf
  • Four-inch casters (two of them locking)