LAN Server Computer Rack

LAN Computer Rack with Overhead Cabinet

  • Name: Dual IT LAN Rack System Station
  • SR(30+30)3083_T_S_4Sh_2FZ_2RSh_01
  • SKU 772341

Maximize the floor space of your work areas by reducing workspace clutter with this top choice LAN server computer rack. A well-organized control and command room will provide a pleasant work environment for computer server administrators and operators.

This computer server rack requires a small amount of floor space to safely place your server CPUs, monitor, and other network devices. This technical furniture has a cabinet so you can safely store your files. Shelves are added for more holding capacity. It also has a telephone holder for your IT personnel's and operator's convenience.

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Computer Rack

  • Two 30" wide frames
  • Two metal shelves
  • Two metal tilt shelves
  • Two standard work surfaces
  • Two clamp-mount Z-series monitor arms # AFCZ588-01
  • Two rolling shelves
  • 2" twin casters (the front are locking)

PDF      772339_SR603073_04.pdf
Width: 60"
Depth: 30"
Height: 83"