Control Room Custom Console

Control Room Console Furniture

  • Name: Security Room Desk
  • SKU 772322-gl

Superior performance control room custom console desk furniture that is built with strong monitor mounting track mount to hold the weight of heavy large-sized flatscreen displays. This provides control room operators the perfect monitor display viewing angle.

This technical control room console furniture has a spacious desktop for two users; it allows two users to collaborate more closely and work simultaneously.

Designed with state-of-the-art ergonomics, this dual user technical furniture can reduce users' work stress and it makes process control room operators more productive and efficient through long hours of work.

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Control Room Console Desk

  • Manually height adjustable monitor rail system with two monitor holders # AFC3255-01
  • Two split bottom shelves
  • Two wire managers # WMF100
  • 4" casters

Width: 72" + 72"
Depth: 36"
Height: 38"

Dual User Technical Furniture



Modular Dual User Technical Furniture