Dual-Surface Computer Standing Desk

Height Adjustable Dual-Surface Standing Desk

  • Name: Adjustable Two Standing Desk
  • XDT72(27+15)_01
  • SKU 772199-gl

This premium top quality dual-surface computer standing desk was built with cutting- edge ergonomic design, comes with an independent electronic height adjustment of both tiers. both tiers and three VESA-compliant Z-arm monitor mounts that can support up to 50 lbs each, a CPU holder and caster wheels.

The dual tier workstations integrate functionality and aesthetics in its design elements. With bi-level work surfaces that are both independently height adjustable, driven with electric powered, telescopic legs. At a push of a button, the height settings can be configured to suit the user's preference. AFC manufactures types of furniture and equipment that exceed the standards when it comes to practicality, ergonomic design and elegant craftsmanship

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Dual-Surface Computer Standing Desk

  • Each surface is independently, electronically height adjustable, 28 inch to 47 inch from the floor
  • Two “Diamond” shaped work surfaces. The front with Bumper Molding is used as your work area; and the rear with T-Molding is used to hold your monitors
  • Three pole mounts. Each one includes the VESA compliant Z-arm mount that extends up to 16 inch and supports a monitor up to 50 lbs.
  • CPU holder is mounted to the leg of the mobile cart to free up additional space
  • Four, 4 inch casters, (the front two are locking)