Universal CPU Holder Desk Mount

Adjustable CPU Holder Desk Mount

  • Name: CPU Computer holder
  • CPU 13-25
  • SKU 771303

A premium best quality universal CPU holder desk mount that accommodates all standard sizes of computer CPU casings. It's very easy to adjust, and it keeps the CPU safe from accidental collisions and kicking that may damage the computer central processing unit.

This adjustable CPU holder desk mount is a great way to maximize your working space. It is very easy to install. It also offers a convenient way of accessing computer CPU peripherals such as the DVD drive, USB ports and audio and microphone inputs.

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CPU Holder Desk Mount

  • Mounted to the wall or fixed under the work surface
  • Regular CPUs are 2.25 - 6.0 inches deepĀ  and 14 to 25 inches high, so you have adjustable clearances.

PDF      CPU13-25_01.pdf
Depth: 2.75"-8.8"
Height: 14" to 25"