Bottle or Cup Holder

Coffee Cup Holder

  • Name: Antiseptic Wipe Holder
  • AWH100
  • SKU 771924
A metal holder for cups, drinking glasses and bottles. Anti-rust coated and it easily attaches to desks and tables via screws. A very convenient way of keeping safe your drink from spilling on to your desk, which could be messing up your work area.
Having a messy workstation due to a drink that spilled over is a situation nobody wants to be into. This bottle or cup holder prevents users from accidentally spilling over fluids messing up their desk and delaying their tasks. This firmly holds single cup, glass or bottle. A very convenient and safe drink holder that is a must have.
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Desk Attachable Coffee Cup Holder

  • Universal antiseptic wipe holder
  • Easy accessible and handling
  • Desk mountable
  • Perfect for medical carts and desks

PDF      AWH100a.pdf
Width: 6.26"
Height: 5.5"