Broadcast Console

Media Broadcasting Console

  • Name: Height Adjustable Multi Monitor Security Workstation Desk
  • SKU 772550-gl

This best high-performance broadcast console is a piece of reliable equipment to help media broadcasting operators achieve all-time comfort during their long hours of work, increasing their efficiency and productivity. This media broadcasting console is height-adjustable and has three monitor display Z-arms which are built with durable materials to hold the weight of heavy monitor display devices that are mounted on it.

It is designed to achieve the perfect viewing angles of flat-screen monitors. It comes with wheels so it can be easily moved to new floor locations. With this media broadcasting desk, media broadcasting operators will have less margin for errors.

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Media Broadcasting Desk

  • Electronically height adjustable desk
  • Foldable side extensions
  • Storage cubby for CPU
  • Power strip and grommet holes for¬†efficient wire¬†management
  • Sufficient space for encoder
  • VESA compliant monitor holders
  • Built in keyboard shelf

PDF      772550_FCS11_6030-01-V8-PAGE2.PDF
Width: 60" - 81"
Depth: 43"
Height: 28" - 47"